Saturday, November 12, 2016


In my #CozyVoxBox from @Influenster I got some amazing things this time. I did not expect so many awesome products to try out this time around. The only thing I did not really use is the Ebates sign up. I am not really a fan of Ebates nor do I shop on there.

Here is a break down of what came in this box:

Daisy Sour Cream in a squeeze container, I have used this sour cream in the past when it first came out I had to grab it. I like this one better because it is so much easier to grab and use. The other in the tubs were a bit of a pain and always had moisture when opened up again. I am weary when it comes to anything like sour cream, yogurt, or milk if it smells funny or looks funny. This does not seem to have the issue with moisture.

Simple Sensitive Skin Facial Wipes are so great to use. I usually use baby wipes to get make up off my face and almost did the other day when I remembered I had these. I decided to give these a try I am glad I did these work so much better then the baby wipes. Usually with those I have to wipe my face two or three times, with these I only had to do it once. I only wear eyeliner and eyeshadow and they came off with a breeze. I will be getting some more of these.

Country Crock Butter is the bomb I have been using this butter for ages. I like how they have the bigger tubs that last a lot longer then the smaller ones. I use this for recipes, when I cook my veggies, and even on my toast. I also like how they have a variety to choose from my favorite one is the one with the calcium.

Pilot’s FriXion Clicker pens are the bomb, I got a red and a blue one in my box. I really enjoy how smooth these pens write and how easy it is to erase with them. I have to get myself a black one to add to my collection, gel pens have become my go to pens.

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hour I got a nice rosy pink color, these lipsticks stay on your lips long, there are two parts to applying it. The first one I did wrong and put the lip gloss on then put the balm on. It is the other way around you put the balm on first to clean the lips and then the gloss to lock it in. To get this off though you have to use a oil based makeup remover. I enjoy how it just soaks up in the lips but the color does not vanish. I hate having to reapply lipstick over and over again, you could give it a touch up to make it brighter if  you want to though.

I received all these products free of charge from in exchange for a unbiased review.

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