Saturday, November 22, 2014

How I Miss Getting Influenster Voxboxes

I have enjoyed doing reviews for Influenster but lately I have not got anything from then in a long time and it makes me sad. The last thing I was supposed to get from them still has not came to me yet. I also have wrote and have not heard anything about a prize I had won and I was looking forward to getting it.

I have told everyone about Influenster and how they should sign up and join. I have had a couple friends who have done so already. I have gotten some of the best Voxboxes from them. I think my all time favorite I had received was the Love Voxbox. I have also enjoyed some of the best brand challenges boxes too. The stuff you get in them are amazing. I really like getting new razors out to try or makeup when they add them in there.

Influenster has come a long way, there is a new dashboard, which I am still trying to learn my way around. There is also a new app for your cell phone so you can have it on the go. All you do is go to the InfluensterApp and connect to your account. I have yet to try the InfluensterApp myself because I usually use it while I am on the computer, since the phones tend to be smaller when looking at it and I am home most of the time in front of my computer. But if you are on the go a lot then the App is great for you.

Even though I have not gotten a Voxbox in a long time I still spend time on the site and look around and follow them on social media. I think they are great and just because I have not received anything does not mean I am not going to still support them. This leaves my future with them wide open for something down the line. Now I should find out where my gift box I am waiting on is at because I don't want to miss it.

If you want to check out Influenster click on one of the many links you won't be disappointed.

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