Friday, May 31, 2013

"Tastykake® Kandy Bar Kakes"

Want to talk about a delicious treat. TastyKakes are the new go to snack. I had got these a couple of months ago while out grocery shopping because they looked appetizing. I chose the Reese's flavor because I enjoy anything that has to do with Reese's boy did I make the right choice.

These Kandy Bar Kakes are the best of both worlds. They are light and fluffy. The kakes have cream on the inside and they are made to look like a actual candy bar. There are 3 flavors that these come in they are Reese's peanut butter my favorite, S'mores and Peppermint. I want to try the peppermint next I am not too sure about the S'mores I like S'mores but anything other then the real thing can turn out not tasting so great.

You can get these from your local grocery store or at the convenience stores. I have got mine in a box for about $3.00 dollars. I have not seen them in the individual packs yet, but with these baby's you just can't eat just one. I went thru a box in a week.

If you want more information about TastyKake you can find them on their website here.

I want to thank Influenster for the wonderful opportunity of getting this in my box. I was upset though I could not enjoy it because I ran out of mine. I don't do expired food not in any form. I know they say it is good few days after the expiration date but I always get sick so I don't take any chances. 

This was giving to me to test out as a complimentary item for my honest opinion on the product. Thanks Influenster and TasteKake for giving the chance to try this out. 


  1. omg i just had my first ever tastykake just the other day, lol. you've got some neat stuff to review, i'm going to have to look into influenster!

    1. I love Tastykake and yes you should check out Influenster we always get awesome stuff.